E-Motion Fast Charger


E-Motion DC Fast Charger


Technical Specifications:

Charging points Standard: Dual CCS + CHAdeMO
Optional: Additional 22kW or 43kW AC Type 2 charger
Charging performance up to 50kW
32A 3Phase – 400V
Authorisation RFID MIFARE ISO/IEC14443A/B,
ISO/IEC15693, ISO/IEC18000-3,
FeliCa, NFC, EMV 2.0

Systemintegration Standard: OCPP 1.5
3G, GSM and Gigabit Ethernet
Protection  Short circuit protection
Over current protection
Residual current protection
Conformity According to IEC 61851-1 Mode 3, CE-Conform,
Variant with meter (MID-Conform)
Colour In all RAL-colours available,
Coloured exchangeable-cover
Compliance CE-compliant, UL-compliant
Dimension / weight Dual charger H 200cm x B 75cm x T 33cm
Triple charger H 200cm x B 74cm x T 47cm
ca. 165kg
Safety / IP-Class IP65, NEMA Type 3R